Express Concierge Services

Travelbuds special Concierge service is a unique way to assist users with hassle free ordering of medical marijuana. Whether you need any information or you want to place order or want to know order status or you have a special request, Concierge is the single point of contact for you. Travelbuds Concierge service ensures you get all kind of assistance, within legal ambit, related to medical marijuana.

Concierge Works For You
  • Concierge helps you get started with Travelbuds and avail the amazing benefits.
  • Concierge verifies your medical marijuana card and processes your order.
  • Concierge negotiates with the probable suppliers and makes them compete for your order.
  • Concierge selects the best deal and informs you about it.
  • Once you accept the best deal, Concierge sends your delivery details to the corresponding supplier and instructs them to deliver the ordered strain to the mentioned delivery address at the right time.
  • Concierge takes care of the quality of strains that are delivered to customers.
  • Depending on your need, Concierge can suggest you the most suitable strains.
  • Concierge takes care of your reviews and ratings. Accordingly, Concierge takes strategic and corrective measures to serve you better.

Concierge would ensure you get what you ordered, at the right place and time, without any hassle. In case you face any problem, feel free to contact Concierge and your issue would be taken care of.