About TravelBuds

Travelbuds is your single point of contact for all things cannabis!

We know how troublesome it could get to access high quality medical marijuana at a reasonable price. Hence we offer personalized concierge service that takes care of your medical marijuana related needs and gets you the best deal after negotiating with competing suppliers.

We care for all our patients and patient satisfaction is our pillar for growth. We strive to make life easy for you. Be it finding the right strain for you, or helping you placing the order, or taking care of your special request or be it scheduling appointment with a doctor for your medical marijuana recommendation, we do almost everything to make you happy. And you know, we are just a click or phone call away.

With Travelbuds, you would get
  • Vast selection of best quality strains to cater to your need and mood
  • Easy process to register and place order
  • Personalized concierge service to find the best deal for you
  • Cutting edge technology to save your time & money
  • Hassle free delivery at your doorstep and at your preferred time
  • Complete free service without any need for credit card
  • Lucrative reward program for you to earn cash back

Our patients love us. If you are already a registered patient, you know what we mean. If you are yet to experience Travelbuds service, just try us now and feel proud